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Main Lectures

Peter ArbenzOn Computing Some of the Principal Eigenfrequencies of Cavity Resonators
Christopher BeattieThe Potential of Invariant Subspaces to Attract Krylov Iterates
James DemmelThe Inherent Complexity of Accurate Floating Point Computation
Zlatko DrmacOn Development of Accurate Eigensolvers
Sergej GodunovPartition of the Spectrum by Hermite Forms and One-Dimensional Spectral Matrix Portraits
Nick HighamStructured Pseudospectra for Polynomial Eigenvalue Problems
Ilse IpsenUnifying Perturbation Bounds for Invariant Subspaces
Andrew KnyazevEigensolvers Based on Polynomials of Two Variables
Beresford N. ParlettDown and Up the Representation Tree
Axel RuheComputing Accurate Eigenvalues with Long Richardson and Short Lanczos Runs
Siegfried M. RumpError Bounds for Eigenvalue Clusters

Contributed Talks and Posters

James AndersonExact Numerical Solution of Rational Eigensystems from Rational Symmetric Matrices
Jesse Barlow 
Elina BiberdorfApplication of Linear Algebra Methods to the Problem of a Polynom Decomposition into Factors
Achiya DaxThe Orthogonal Rayleigh Quotient Iteration (ORQI) method
Froilán Martinez-DopicoPerturbation Theory for Simultaneous Bases of Singular Subspaces
Benedikt GrosserAn O(n˛) Algorithm for the Bidiagonal SVD
Vjeran HariQuadratic Convergence of Scaled Iterates by Diagonalization Methods
Michiel HochstenbachTwo-sided and Alternating Jacobi-Davidson
Urmi B. HolzA Subspace Approximation Method for the Perturbed Quadratic Eigenvalue Problem
Ilghiz V. IbraghimovA Large Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem in Hartree-Fock Equations
Hakim IkramovEigenvalue Problems with a Double Spectrum or Spectrum Closed under Negation
Plamen Stefanov KoevAccurate Inverses through Accurate Minors for Structured Matrices
Alexander KolpakovA Problem of Eigenfunction Corresponding to the Minimal Eigenvalue
Thomas KopruckiOn Eigenvalue Problems Arising from the Modeling of Semiconductor Nanostructures
Georgij V. KostinSolution of the Membran Eigenvalue Problem by FEM with Smooth Piecewise Polynomial Approximation
Alexander MalyshevDeflation of Symmetric Tridiagonal Matrices
Osni A. MarquesAccurate Singular Values with dqds
Christian MehlAnti-Triangular Forms for Hermitian Pencils
Juan M. MoleraAn Orthogonal High Relative Accuracy Algorithm for the Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem
Ivica NakicRelative Perturbation Theory for Strongly Definitizable Matrix Pairs
Klaus NeymeyrA Geometric Convergence Theory for Preconditioned Inverse Iteration
Bor PlestenjakA Continuation Method for a Right Definite Two-Parameter Eigenvalue Problem
Rui M. S. RalhaAn Accurate Bidiagonal Reduction for the Computation of Singular Values
Uwe SchnabelBlock Newton Methods for Improving Groups of Singular Values
Hubert SchwetlickWhat can Numerical Linear Algebra learn from Singular Point Computations?
Sanja SingerImplicit Factorization of Structured Matrices
Sascha SingerCondition Numbers - a Geometric Approach
Ivan SlapnicarRelative Perturbation Theory for the Hyperbolic Singular Value Decomposition
Tatjana StykelPerturbation Theory for Generalized Lyapunov Equations
Francoise TisseurStability of Structured Hamiltonian Eigensolvers
Ninoslav TruharA sin-2Theta-Theorem for Graded Indefinite Hermitian Matrices
Kresimir VeselicBounds for Asymptotically Stable Matrix Exponentials
David S. WatkinsSolving Large, Sparse Eigenvalue Problems with Hamiltonian Structure
Jungong XuePerturbation Theory for the Asymptotic Decay Rates in the Queues with Markovian Arrival Process and/or Markovian Service Process
Qiang YeAccurate Computation of the Smallest Eigenvalue of a Diagonally Dominant M-Matrix