A dial-a-ride problem with additional health care services
Jonathan Grimm
Wissenschaftliche Vorträge
Anwendungen des Operations Research
EURO 2022, European Conference on Operations Research, Aalto University, Helsinki, 4. Juli 2022.

In the research area of health care, the dial-a-ride problem and the health care routing and scheduling problem represent well-known and well-studied decision-making problems. Completing requested transportation services for people with reduced mobility is the scope of the dial-a-ride problem. In most cases, costs are minimized while not exceeding a maximum ride-time limit per customer. In contrast, the assignment and scheduling of requested ambulant care services is studied in the home health care routing and scheduling problem. Taking into account recent developments, we present a new simultaneous approach that integrates the service provision of both types. We focus on the dial-a-ride provider’s perspective, i.e. we enable the completion of additional health care services while satisfying all transportation requests. This approach leads to a bicriteria integer programming formulation as costs are incurred when accepting additional services. Exact and heuristic methods are presented and applied for determining the respective (approximated) Pareto front. Furthermore, solution trade-offs are analyzed via metrics and further selected findings are presented