STREAM – A Smart Mobility System for Energy-efficient Traffic Control

Computer screen showing traffic control software Photo: Photo: Volker Wiciok

Project management:

Dr. Katharina Ebner (coordinator)
Prof. Dr. Jörg Keller
Prof. Dr. Wolfram Schiffmann
Prof. Dr. Stefan Smolnik

Project staff:

Department of Business Administration, in particular Business Application Systems (Prof. Smolnik):
Christian Anschütz, M.Sc.
Dario Duffner, B.Sc.

Department of Parallelism and VLSI (Prof. Keller):
Sebastian Litzinger, M.Sc.

Project duration: 01.09.2018–31.08.2021

Project description:

A significant proportion of the environmental pollution in cities these days is caused by commuting. Smart mobility solutions can improve the traffic situation and thus reduce environmental impact by distributing traffic more evenly along different routes, times and modes of transport. The smart mobility system envisaged in the research project “Smart Traffic using Edge And Social Computing” (STREAM) is designed to provide a mobility solution for commuters that will have a lasting positive impact on their mobility behavior and routines. By using their smartphone app (in development), users will be able to store planned destinations, routes and travel time windows and have suitable start times and routes suggested. In addition to this, the app motivates users through appropriate persuasion strategies and gamification elements to actually implement the suggestions as well as to use them over the long term. Based on the information stored by all users and with the help of sensor data, an artificial neural network configures individual route suggestions in such a way that the load on the relevant routes is as balanced as possible. The research project will be able to make a significant contribution to reducing congestion at peak commuting times and the related ecological and economic problems in cities as well as the health problems suffered by commuters and residents. It will also contribute to a better understanding of the acceptance and impact of information technology in transportation, while also demonstrating how viable technological solutions for transportation in modern cities should be conceived, designed, and implemented.

Project partners:

[ui!] Urban Institute
City of Bad Hersfeld (site in German only)
City of Hagen (site in German only)

  • Ebner, Katharina; Anschütz, Christian; Smolnik, Stefan (2019): STREAM – Ein Smart-Mobility-System zur langfristigen Einbindung von Pendlern; in New Dimensions of Mobility Systems: Tagungsband des 11. Wissenschaftsforums Mobilität 2019, H. Proff (Hrsg.), 23 May 2019, Duisburg, Springer.

  • Anschütz, Christian; Ebner, Katharina; Smolnik, Stefan (2020): Spielerisch zum Ziel: Initiale Designprinzipien für die nachhaltige Gestaltung von Smart-Mobility-Apps auf Basis einer Marktanalyse; in Proceedings of the 15th Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI 2020), 9–11 March, Potsdam, 2020.

    Rüther, Ralf; Klos, Andreas; Klein, Marius; Schiffmann, Wolfram: Traffic Flow Forecast of Road Networks with Recurrent Neural Networks; 29th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN 2020).

    Ebner, Katharina; Mattes, Patrick; Smolnik, Stefan (2019): Are You Responsible for Traffic Congestion? A Systematic Review of the Socio-technical Perspective of Smart Mobility Services; in Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-52), 8–11. January, Maui, Hawaii, 2019.

  • Publication of reports in the regional press (e.g., an interview with Radio Hagen and a newspaper article in the Westfalenpost) as well as within the FernUniversität (e.g., articles in the FernUni Perspektive and in fernglas)

    Presentation of the project to a panel of around 200 local politicians at the Smart City Forum as part of the Hessentag 2019 in Bad Hersfeld

    Discussion of the project at the Science Forum at Mobility 2019 (attended by more than 2,300 visitors) in Duisburg

    Invitation of Professor Lutz Heuser, CEO of The Urban Institute in Walldorf, to come to Hagen and take part in the lecture series hosted by the Energy, Environment & Sustainability research cluster on 05.02.2020 (lecture on “Sustainable urban mobility solutions”)

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