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The key focus of the project is on current European policy aimed at developing digital competencies for smart cities and, at the same time, boosting the resilience of our urban areas. To achieve this, the position of Smart City Resilience Office (SCRO) needs to be created. The SCRO has an innovative role in a smart city, acting as a contact person for the city in matters of urban planning and building up resilience capacities. Due to ongoing shortages of specialists, many cities often have extreme difficulties in finding suitable candidates to take on this kind of responsibility. Furthermore, no studies have been carried out yet to identify the required competencies of SCROs or to design corresponding training for the role. The aim of the CRISIS project is to create a targeted curriculum for a certification program that will teach prospective SCROs (e.g., from within the ranks of city government) the skills they need to successfully perform the job.

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Dr. Katharina Ebner

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