How Efficient Were Coronavirus Lockdowns?

Lockdowns were more effective in countries with good healthcare systems. This is the conclusion of a study by a team of researchers at the FernUniversität in Hagen.


Does More Data Create a Fairer Workplace?

Analyzing large quantities of employee data entails risks, but also opportunities. A new international project at the FernUni is researching People Analytics.


Preparing to Study in Germany – Digitally

The FernUniversität is a partner in the cooperative VORsprung project, which aims to establish a digital preparatory program for international students.


Memories of Something That Never Happened

Some people remember things that never actually happened. FernUni professor Aileen Oeberst is the lead author of a study about correcting these false memories.


Making It Work with One Meeting

How can we make international collaboration as sustainable and agile as possible? The One Meeting Project, coordinated by the FernUniversität, explores this question.


Where Does Global Trade Go From Here?

Turning away from global value chains is not an option. So concluded leading globalization researchers at a FernUni conference.


Chinese-German Learning Platform Launches

The new Chinese-German OOC learning platform, initiated by Shanghai Open University, began with an opening ceremony on February 26.


Europe’s Detectives – In Search of a Constitution

An extensive FernUni book project tracks down the history of the European constitution, among other things to allow a better understanding of political developments.


Ambiguity – Precisely Depicted

FernUni visiting professor Antke A. Engel has created unique educational videos about queer theory. Using artistic methods, they provoke the viewer to reflect on power and desire.


Unspoken Promises in the Time of Corona

Elbow bumps, “foot-shakes,” hand waves: How do people agree on one of the new forms of greeting? Prof. Dr. Dorett Funcke of the FernUniversität investigated this question.