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Datum: 13.07.2017

Dr. Fang Zhao


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Learning with Text and Pictures (Lernen mit Texte und Bilder), Dozentin: Dr. Fang Zhao

Sprache: Englisch

Inhalt: Learning from words and pictures is generally better than learning from only words. This phenomenon is one of the basic findings of research on multimedia learning. This course aims at giving a broad overview of current knowledge on multimedia learning. We focus on how people learn from words (e.g. spoken, written) and pictures (e.g. graph, map, comics and animation), particularly in computer-based environments. We cover the (1) physiology of our visual system, the brief history of using text and pictures, Gestalt theory; (2) the most influential dual channel models, principles of multimedia learning; (3) process tracing methods (such as eye tracking, mouse tracking); (4) environments which can apply multimedia theories, such as textbooks, spatial studies, simulation games, marketing, online dating and e-courses.

Methoden: The course is planned as a block seminar. The topics are chosen from two books in educational psychology and methodology (see reference in Moodle). We will have not only lectures but also group experiments, which may help you to better understand the theories. We will also discuss and practice the advantages and disadvantages of textual representations and pictorial representations. By comparing their differences, we will discuss advices on how to design multimedia environments.

Voraussetzungen: No specific knowledge about multimedia learning or processing method is required. However, you are required to read the primary literature before you participate at the seminar and hand in a 1-page written work (max. 400 words) before the seminar. The reading list and the requirement for the written work is posted in Moodle.

Zielgruppe: The course is mainly for B.Sc. Psychology students, who have taken Module 3.

Teilnehmendenzahl: 30

Ort und Termin: Donnerstag, 13.07.2017, 10- 18 Uhr