Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag

Dynamic efficiency evaluation of German public multidisciplinary theatres by RC-DEA model
Kleine, A.
Hoffmann, S.
Wissenschaftliche Vorträge
Data Envelopment Analysis
DEA2015, 13th International Conference on Data Envelopment Analysis, Braunschweig, 24–27 August.

Due to the strategic objectives, multidisciplinary theatres offer drama as well as music and dance events. If we measure efficiency of these theatres by DEA, it is inappropriate to neglect a discipline when efficiency bases on it. Hence, the efficiency structure has to be observed. Moreover, some of these theatres operate under specific conditions which require a categorization. As decision makers are interested in efficiency changes over time we introduce a so called dynamic RC-DEA model that incorporates all these requirements. The RC-DEA is based on an application-oriented implementation of weight restrictions in the multiplier model. A hierarchically categorical DEA is embedded in combination with a Window Analysis. In contrast to this well-known dynamic approach we recommend a modified measure for a window. The use of the RC-DEA model is illustrated by an empirical example of 31 German public multidisciplinary theatres.