Behavioural operational research within two areas of conflict: an extended classification approach
D. Braschczok
Wissenschaftliche Vorträge
Anwendungen des Operations Research
EURO2018 - 29th European Conference on Operational Research, 8. - 11. Juli 2018, Valencia

Behavioural Operational Research (BOR) is a young research field in the area of Operational Research (OR). BOR emphasizes the influence of cognitive psychology for the use of quantitative methods as decision support and seeks to embed behavioural findings into OR. This is necessary as the interdisciplinary and real world application driven focus of OR appears to stand in an unbalanced relationship compared toitsmathematical-technicalresearch. Among other things, BOR tries to reduce this imbalance. However, it still has the problem of being a rarely well-defined field. Therefore, classification of BOR and its main issues - on a meta-level - is just as important as the embedment of behavioural aspects into OR. This contribution presents BOR as a research field within two areas of conflict, characterized by two dimensions and four theoretical constructs. For simplicity, each dimension concerns real world and model world aspects. Therein, application of OR methods faces the importance of fundamental research concerning these methods, and the postulate of rationality is challenged by behavioural scientists. Out of this new perspective - which will be introduced in detail - central points of BOR are depicted in a different light. This finally leads to an extended classification approach helping BOR to shape its profile and to obtain more acceptance in the scientific community.

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