Awareness of social indicators in multiobjective production planning
Markus Hilbert*
Wissenschaftliche Vorträge
Anwendungen des Operations Research
International Conference on Operations Research 2023, August 29 to September 1, 2023, University of Hamburg.

In recent years, sustainability in production planning, i.e., lot-sizing and/or scheduling, has become a common topic in the relevant scientific literature. Usually, a bi-objective production planning approach is taken and trade-offs between an economic and an ecological criterion, such as makespan and energy consumption, are studied in an appropriate production planning context. However, the social dimension of sustainability is often neglected because social indicators are difficult to capture in mathematical modeling and optimization due to their qualitative nature. In this talk, we want to raise awareness of social indicators in the context of operational planning. Therefore, we briefly review the relevant literature in production planning dealing with social indicators and discuss the inclusion of such indicators via a triobjective production planning problem, studying trade-offs between an economic, an ecological and a social criterion. A multiobjective fuzzy approach is used to obtain the respective optimal solutions and thus derive a performance score for all three dimensions of sustainability in an operational context.