Choice Construction in Social Dilemma Situations


Vortrag von Dr. Susann Fiedler im Fakultätskolloquium

Dr. Fiedler will present research unraveling the cognitive underpinnings of prosocial decision making. Understanding the involved mechanisms of pro-sociality is central to designing institutions in a way that fosters cooperation and welfare maximization.

Im Rahmen des Fakultätskolloquiums wird Dr. Susann Fiedler, die am 01.10.2018 die Lehrstuhlvertretung der Professur für Allgemeine Psychologie: Urteilen, Entscheiden, Handeln übernommen hat, einen Vortrag zum Thema Choice Construction in Social Dilemma Situations halten.

Abstract des Vortrags:

Cooperation is one of the fundaments of human societies. Be it the helping hand of a neighbor when moving out of an apartment or a stranger making an effort returning a lost valet to its rightful owner. Actions like that create an environment that makes living together a pleasant experience. Hence, understanding how decisions determining the welfare of oneself and a stranger are made is important for facilitating this behavior by building institutions that maximize the rate of cooperation in a society. To shed new light on this decision making process from a cognitive perspective we designed multiple experiments with two phases: First we determined participants’ individual social preferences and linked them to observed information search and processing behavior by recording gaze behavior during decisions in decomposed dictator games. The results present evidence that differences in social preferences are accompanied by systematic differences in information search (i.e., number of fixations, transitions and proportion of attention) and the temporal dynamics of attention over the course of prosocial decision making. These results are discussed with respect to evidence accumulation models in the context of interdependent decision making.

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Termin: Mittwoch, 17.10.2018 12.30 - 13.45 Uhr

Raum: Gebäude 3 (IZ), EG D006

Fakultät für Psychologie | 12.08.2021