Exploring Stability of Solutions for Data Envelopment Analysis of Air-Navigation Service Efficiency
Steffen Hoffmann
Andreas Dellnitz
Andreas Kleine
Wissenschaftliche Vorträge
Data Envelopment Analysis
OR 2018 - International Conference on Operations Research, 12. bis 14. September 2018, Brüssel, Belgien

The rising air traffic volume in Europe, and beyond, is demanding. Accordingly, the need for safe but also efficient air traffic management asks for approaches to evaluate service productions by more than just univariate measures. Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is a non-parametric method to evaluate the efficiency of organizations and processes, considering multivariate data in this assessment.

As almost all DEA applications in the field of air transport refer to airports or airlines as complete units, we concentrate on air navigation services providers (ANSPs), aiming to find an adequate instrument for regulation purposes. In this contribution, first, we focus on the approach and departure phases where the set of DMUs comprises 32 major European airports. The Performance Review Unit of EUROCONTROL provided all data. After applying a DEA, we determine graphical projections of the initial results by Multidimensional Scaling. Consequently, possible interpretations of underlying latent variables will then be given. However, DEA is based on linear programming, and hence might be subject to alternative optima. Therefore, in the second step, we face the problem of multiple optimal solutions in DEA and study the effects on the stability of respective graphical projections.

Steffen Hoffmann | 10.05.2024