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Enterprise models empower us to shape the digital transformation of organisations—of small and medium businesses, large corporations, public administration, unions, clubs and associations of all kinds. Without conceptual models of such enterprises, their social action systems in coaction with their computer information systems, we cannot understand the complex human-computer-interactions that concern us and cannot seize the opportunities of their applications to problems of modern society. At the Enterprise Modelling Research Group, we construct enterprise models, design modeling languages, develop modeling methods and corresponding modeling software tools, study their use in application contexts and evaluate their application to digital transformation challenges including managerial decision-making in business domains such as Strategic Management, Auditing, and Performance Management.

Taken from a slightly longer description of our research programme, our research group and research results published as: Strecker S (2020) Enterprise Modelling Research Group at University of Hagen. In Mayr H, Rinderle-Ma S, Strecker S (eds.) 40 Years EMISA. Lecture Notes in Informatics, Vol. P-304, Köllen, Bonn, S. 195–199. (as PDF)