Research Projects

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  • TOOL – A web browser-based modeling tool and observatory
    TOOL is a web browser-based modeling tool and research observatory we have been researching, designing and developing since 2013. TOOL is part of a long-term research program aimed at better understanding the learning of conceptual modeling by observing individual modeling processes. TOOL implements a multi-modal observation and data generation approach complementing different modes of observation, and is used in a series of research studies.
  • IMP – Understanding modeling difficulties and designing tailored support for modelers
    The research project aims to contribute to a richer and more complete understanding of individual modeling processes by identifying modeling difficulties and by developing a taxonomic theory of such difficulties – as theoretical foundation for designing tailored (software tool) support for modelers at different stages of their mastering of conceptual modeling.
  • SPORT – Research on a web application for sports clubs
    The research project SPORT designs, develops, tests and evaluates a web application for managing, organising and running amateur sports clubs. Research on sportyweb - the web app - investigates full stack web development including software architecture, conceptual modeling, user experience and user interface design, database optimisation, server-side MVC, web socket technology and more.
  • BPS – adoption, usage and user requirements
    Business Process Simulation (BPS) is recognized as a vital technique at the core of Business Process Management (BPM). However, insights into the use of BPS in practice are scarce and principle barriers prevent BPS research to transfer to practical applications. Hence, the research project aims to contribute to cumulatively compiling a common knowledge base on BPS adoption and usage from which to engage in construction-oriented research on approaches to BPS and on BPS tools.
  • FKM – Fachdidaktik des konzeptuellen Modellierens
    Konzeptuelles Modellieren ist eine zentrale Fachkompetenz für den schulischen Informatik- und Wirtschaftsinformatik-Unterricht. Das Forschungsprojekt FACH zielt darauf ab, eine systematisch erarbeitete Grundlage für das schulische Lernen und die Aufbereitung von Lehrmaterialien mit Bezug zum konzeptuellen Modellieren zu schaffen, um damit insbes. Lehrende im Kontext von schulischer Bildung (insbes. im Bereich der Sekundarstufe II) gezielt zu unterstützen.
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