Carbon efficient simultaneous bicriteria scheduling and lotsizing under adjustable production speed - An indicator based system comparison
Markus Hilbert*
Andreas Kleine
Andreas Dellnitz
Wissenschaftliche Vorträge
Anwendungen des Operations Research
31th European Congress on Operations Research (EURO 2021), July 11-14, 2021.

In production planning, the comparison of different production systems is receiving growing interest in recent years, particularly in the context of carbon ecient scheduling and lotsizing. If conflicting performance goals like energy costs and carbon emissions are considered when optimizing production processes, one obtains a Pareto front, of course. Here, comparing di erent production systems means in terms of bicriteria optimization comparing di erent Pareto fronts in objective space resulting from the planning process. In so doing, there exist indicators for such a comparison. However, these measures are often neither easy to interpret for decision makers nor are they economically interpretable at all. Consequently, to fill in this gap, we propose an indicator for such a comparison. To show the gist of this indicator, first, we describe the underlying planning process mathematically leading to a sustainable bicriteria mixed integer scheduling and lotsizing program. Next, we present our novel approach and, ultimately, we compare it with selected ones proposed in literature using a scenario analysis.