Dr. Nikolai Zinke

Dr. Nikolai Zinke Photo: Privat

Dr. Nikolai Zinke

Research associate in the project NOVA:ea

Email: zinke

Heinemannstraße 12 – 14
53175 Bonn

What is my role within CATALPA?

I supervised online research groups at the FernUniversität Hagen for several semesters as a lecturer. Here, I was particularly interested in how students work towards a common work goal. How does the composition of these groups affect work and social behavior and performance in terms of personality, gender, and age differences? With this background, I also support CATALPA with methodological-statistical analyses.


For me, CATALPA is an ideal tie-in to the dissertation I completed on virtual collaboration and dark personality last year. My focus, in particular, on non-visible diversity characteristics (including personality, attitudes, and value configuration) is, in my view, an essential complement to (mostly) visible diversity in terms of gender, age, and ethnic background. There are many starting points here for making university teaching and learning even more target group-oriented in the age of digitalization, which is no longer conceivable without it. In this context, it is important to me that data is handled in an ethically sensitive manner and that everyone has the maximum possible scope for action.

    • Research assistant at the FernUniversität Hagen (2019 - 2020)
    • Administrative and teaching assistant at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin (2018 - 2019)
    • Research assistant at the University of Rostock (2016 - 2018)
    • Research assistant at the FernUniversität Hagen (2016)
    • Research assistant; online tutor at the FernUniversität Hagen (2013 - 2016)
    • Freelance activities in the artistic-pedagogical field (2004 - 2014)
    • Virtual Collaboration
    • Personality, especially dark traits
    • Diversity in higher education
    • Methods and data analysis
  • NOVA:ea

  • 2023

    Talks and Poster Presentations

    • Zinke, N., Lenski, S., Merkt, M., Reich-Stiebert, N., Stürmer, S., & Schröter, H. (2023, August 26). The influence of test anxiety on indicators of dropout and study delay [Presentation]. EARLI 2023, 20th EARLI CONFERENCE, Thessaloniki, Greece. https://www.earli.org/events/earli2023#section-programme


    Doctoral dissertation

    • Zinke, N. (2022). Dunkle Persönlichkeit und Kollaboration in virtuellen Kontexten: Dark Traits im virtuellen Arbeitskontext (Doctoral dissertation).