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Study success through digitalization?

Symbolic image of book and data streams Photo: Adobe Stock

Does digitalization make courses more attractive? What influence does it have on academic success? And how can personalized learning opportunities reduce drop-out rates? Questions like these will be addressed at the digital science conference on March 14 from 11 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., hosted by the LAMASS@DiLea project associated with CATALPA.

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Jennifer Hochstein Photo: CATALPA

How can we counteract stereotypes in virtual study groups in a meaningful way and thus strengthen the sense of community among students? This is the focus of the project "MULTIDIVERSE-CSCL - Explaining and managing effects of multi-attributional diversity in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning". Jennifer Hochstein (photo) is a member of the DFG-funded research project.

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Give my doctoral thesis more depth and relevance

Yuning Ding Photo: private

How can argumentative essays be evaluated automatically? Doctoral student Yuning Ding is devoting her research to these questions. She recently traveled to Princeton to work with experts from ETS. Let's take a look at Yuning at our leisure.

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