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CATALPA sponsors 19th BEA Workshop

Photo: Henrik Schipper/Hardy Welsch

Get ready, the 19th BEA Workshop - Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications starts in Mexico City tomorrow. CATALPA is a Gold Sponsor and CATALPA members Marie Bexte and Andrea Horbach are part of the organizing team.

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Reversed Big Brother Principle for Learning Analytics

Photo: Privat

This was the title of Dr. Niels Seidel's presentation at re:publica 24. He is drawing attention to a field in the field of learning analytics that has received little attention to date. Up to now, teachers have seen data traces of their course participants, but students hardly see anything of how teachers perform their teaching tasks in an online course. What would this new approach mean in practice?

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Multitasking and multimedia - Fang Zhao received Venia Legendi

Photo: Peter Cade/Stone/Getty Images

In her habilitation, Dr. Fang Zhao investigated how multitasking and multimedia affect learning. Her aim is to design learning environments for successful learning.

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CATALPA Junior Researchers: Clever publishing - but how?

CATALPA Junior researchers Photo: CATALPA

Publications were the focus of the self-organized CATALPA Junior Researcher's Day on 8 May 2024. Professors from educational science, psychology and learning analytics gave tips from their wealth of experience, and an employee of the university library was also a guest. The event concluded with a workshop with external moderation.

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CATALPA's Scientific Advisory Board met in Hagen


Good progress looking at publications and structural development - the CATALPA Scientific Advisory Board has given a positive assessment of the research center's development. The international committee met for the fourth time and was satisfied with the way things are working out. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of tasks and new goals.

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AI experimental environment for innovative teaching and learning

Person using AI experimental environment Photo: CATALPA

Access many different AI tools directly from Moodle: The FernUni strives to enable this with a new experimental environment. AI chat on study content, integration of AI-generated images, personalized learning support: these are just three examples of new learning scenarios which become a reality with the experimental environment. Several researchers from CATALPA are currently working on this project.

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Call for Participation: Workshop on Recommender Systems

Image: Lexica (KI-generiert)

The CATALPA project AI.EDU 2.0 invites you to a workshop at the DELFI Conference on Educational Technologies (September 9-11, 2024 in Fulda). The focus is on recommender systems in the context of higher education. Deadline for the Call for Participation is July 15, 2024.

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Conference on academic success and dropouts

Group of students Photo: Hardy Welsch

What leads to academic success and graduation in digital studies? Who drops out - and who sticks with it? A digital science conference has now addressed questions like these. It was organized by the team of the CATALPA-associated project LAMASS@DiLea.

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Reach the full potential

Photo: Privat

Which interventions help to reduce the consequences of negative prejudices against certain student groups and thus increase their chances of success? CATALPA junior researcher Nathalie Bick is currently investigating this question at an Ivy League college.

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Learning analytics: "Students need to see the benefits"


Creating added value for individual students from learning data of many - that is the goal of Ioana Jivet. She is the new research professor at CATALPA since March 1st. In the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the FernUniversität in Hagen, she will supervise final theses and offer courses on educational technologies.

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Study success through digitalization?

Symbolic image of book and data streams Photo: Adobe Stock

Does digitalization make courses more attractive? What influence does it have on academic success? And how can personalized learning opportunities reduce drop-out rates? Questions like these will be addressed at the digital science conference on March 14 from 11 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., hosted by the LAMASS@DiLea project associated with CATALPA.

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Jennifer Hochstein Photo: CATALPA

How can we counteract stereotypes in virtual study groups in a meaningful way and thus strengthen the sense of community among students? This is the focus of the project "MULTIDIVERSE-CSCL - Explaining and managing effects of multi-attributional diversity in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning". Jennifer Hochstein (photo) is a member of the DFG-funded research project.

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