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Welcome to CATALPA - Center of Advanced Technology for Assisted Learning and Predictive Analytics - a major research center at the FernUniversität Hagen. CATALPA does not only stand for research on adaptive learning technologies. In our research center, nearly 60 scientists work together interdisciplinarily to support the transformation of education towards more digitality, personalized learning, adaptive systems, and artificial intelligence with evidence-based findings and to advance them in practice.

In doing so, the most diverse scientists share common roots: the interest in creating the best possible conditions - for students and lecturers. It is therefore fitting that CATALPA is also the name of a tree.



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What is special about the Research Center and who is part of it?

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Mission Statement & Goals

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What do we want to achieve with our interdisciplinary research?

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Research Professorships

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Excellent research based on research professorships.

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Junior Research Groups

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What opportunities do we offer junior researchers?

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Interesting research projects are created in cooperation with the faculties and partners.

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Cooperations and Partner

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Get to know our partners from high rank universities and science centers.

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