Research Center for the Higher Education of the Future

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AI in higher education, customized learning, and targeted support for students – this is what CATALPA, the Center of Advanced Technology for Assisted Learning and Predictive Analytics, is all about.

Over 60 scientists work together here in a kind of living laboratory. Drawing on their practical experience, they conduct research into technical and didactic developments and transfer the results into university operations. CATALPA researchers explore practical issues from the interdisciplinary perspectives of psychology, computational linguistics, educational science, and computer science.

With approximately 70,000 online students enrolled at the FernUniversität, they have a substantial reservoir of data at their disposal. And the researchers have a common goal: to improve higher education and, in so doing, contribute to greater educational equity.



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What is special about the Research Center and who is part of it?

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Mission Statement & Goals

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What do we want to achieve with our interdisciplinary research?

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Research Professorships

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Excellent research based on research professorships.

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Junior Research Groups

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What opportunities do we offer junior researchers?

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Interesting research projects are created in cooperation with the faculties and partners.

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Cooperations and Networks

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Get to know our partners from high rank universities and science centers.

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