Learning Conceptual Modeling: Structuring Overview, Research Themes and Paths for Future Research (Extended Abstract)
Rosenthal K
Ternes B
Strecker S
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Workshop zur Modellierung in der Hochschulbildung (MoHoL 2020) co-located with Modellierung 2020, Vienna, Austria, February 19–21, 2020, CEUR-WS, Vol. 2542, pp. 63–64. [Link to Paper]

Research on learning and, correspondingly, teaching conceptual modeling forms a diverse body of knowledge involving foci on various learning theories and approaches, learning outcomes and barriers. This extended abstract reports on a review of literature on learning and teaching conceptual modeling identifying prevalent and emerging research themes, and presenting a structuring overview of contributions to the field. Based on a systematic and purposeful sampling of publications combining different search strategies, we compiled and analyzed 121 contributions published between 1986 and 2017 to initiate further discussion on framing the learning and teaching of conceptual modeling in the light of learning paradigms.

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