Software Process Models – Traditional, Agile and Hybrid Approaches (in English)

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Software Process Models – Traditional, Agile and Hybrid Approaches (in English) Wintersemester 2022/2023 06.02.–
virtuell Dr. Kristina Rosenthal

Thematic spectrum

The seminar offers the opportunity to address a topic from research on software process models.. The selection of topics for the seminar aims to offer complementary perspectives on the software process and reflects a variety of research methods including conceptual, design- oriented and empirical contributions.

Seminar paper and oral presentation

The seminar paper and the oral presentation of results take their starting point in a research contribution (published in a scientific journal or a conference proceeding). Students investigate the research article and the discourses related to it guided by questions, resulting in the seminar paper and the oral presentation. For this, students are required to develop an argumentation, justified and defended in the student's own words. This requires a detailed and differentiated analysis of the scientific literature on the topic as well as a differentiated use of relevant terminology. In this seminar, therefore, students are required to conduct a comprehensive literature study on the topic of the own seminar paper.

The formal language of the seminar is English. Participants are expected to write their seminar paper in English and to present in English as well.


The thematic spectrum is broad and addresses traditional, agile and hybrid models for software development.

Lehrstuhl EvIS | 10.05.2024