Committees and Members of CATALPA

Management and Coordination

The Scientific Director represents the Center of Advanced Technology for Assisted Learning and Predictive Analytics (CATALPA), conducts its business under his own responsibility and is accountable to the members of the Executive Board. In case he is prevented from doing so, these tasks are taken over by the Deputy Scientific Director.

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The management of CATALPA is the responsibility of the Executive Board. It is chaired by the Scientific Director.

The voting members of the Executive Board consist of the Scientific Director, his deputy, the CATALPA professors, in principle the CATALPA members with project management responsibility (if the number is too large, representatives are elected), a representative of the scientific staff and a representative of the cooperation partners. The students are also represented in an advisory capacity, as are the non-scientific employees.

The Administrative Office supports the scientific management in the performance of its tasks and coordinates overarching activities. It is managed by the Administrative Director.

Executive Board

Research Professorships

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The CATALPA Professorships are one of the core structures of the Research Center. Financed from our own funds and of unlimited duration, they form permanent pillars for the work in the Research Center.

Currently, two professorships have already been filled. A third professorship is on appeal (German).

Junior Research Group Leaders

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The CATALPA Junior Research Groups are one of the core structures of the Research Center. They have a temporary but central role at the CATALPA and are driving forces of the innovative and dynamic collaboration in CATALPA.

So far, three Junior Research Groups have been appointed in competitive procedures.

Project Leaders

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Our scientists work together in projects on an interdisciplinary basis. The active exchange between individual projects is actively promoted by the Research Center.

Total list of our scientific members

Associated Academic Staff

Thinking and working in networks and cooperations is a defining part of CATALPA's self-image. The Research Center is convinced: Only through open exchange and interdisciplinary cooperation excellent science is created.

For the project LAMASS:

For the project NOVA:ea:

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board advises CATALPA on fundamental subject-related and interdisciplinary questions of its scientific work.

This includes, in particular, advising on medium-term research and development planning, discussing the activity report submitted by the Scientific Director, making recommendations on scientific programmes, research projects and cooperations, and submitting suggestions and proposals for research groups and projects.

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of 6 members:

Alumnae and Alumni

CATALPA is in contact with these academics through the joint development period and/or completed projects and maintains a good exchange.

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