Martin Merkt

Dr. Martin Merkt Foto: Privat

Dr. Martin Merkt

Associated research in project NOVA:ea

Email: merkt

Phone: +49 228 3294-334

German Institute for Adult Education
Department: Teaching, Learning, Counselling
Junior Research Group: Audiovisual Instruction and Information
Heinemannstraße 12 – 14 53175 Bonn

What is my role within CATALPA?

As a psychologist with a focus on instructional psychology, I am interested in the cognitive and affective consequences of different instructional design principles for digital learning opportunities. In the NOVA:ea project, I am working on transferring principles regarding the design of learning materials to the design of diversity-friendly e-assessments. In this regard, adapting e-assessments to students’ individual needs is a big challenge, especially for heterogeneous target groups.


The diversity-friendly design of digital learning environments requires the expertise of different disciplines to even come close to doing justice to the complexity of technology-supported learning processes. Due to its interdisciplinary approach, CATALPA is an excellent platform for investigating scientific questions with relevance for application, taking into account pedagogical, psychological and technological perspectives, and thus coming close to the ideal of use-inspired basic research.

    • since 2018: Head of the Junior Research Group “Audiovisual Instruction and Information” at the German Institute for Adult Education
    • 2017-2021: Coordinator of the EARLI Special Interest Group Instructional Design
    • 2010-2017: Research associate at the Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien in Tübingen (Realistic Depictions Lab)
    • 2009-2010: Research associate at the University of Tübingen (Department for Applied Cognitive Psychology and Media Psychology)
    • Learning with dynamic digital media
    • Critical use of digital media
    • Informal learning
    • E-assessment
    • NOVA:ea
    • Merkt, M., Ballmann, A., Felfeli, J., & Schwan, S. (2018). Pauses in educational videos: Testing the transience explanation against the structuring explanation. Computers in Human Behavior, 89, 399-410.
    • Merkt, M., Hoppe, A., Bruns, G., Ewerth, R., & Huff, M. (2022). Pushing the button: Why do learners pause online videos? Computers & Education, 176, 104355.
    • Merkt, M., & Huff, M. (2020). Does the position of source information for multiple documents matter? Insights from two experiments.  Contemporary Educational Psychology, 62, 101900.
    • Merkt, M., Lux, S., Hoogerheide, V., van Gog, T., & Schwan, S. (2020). A change of scenery: Does the setting of an instructional video affect learning? Journal of Educational Psychology, 112, 1273–1283.
    • Merkt, M., Weigand, S., Heier, A., & Schwan, S. (2011). Learning with videos vs. learning with print: The role of interactive features. Learning and Instruction, 21, 687-704.