Nathalie Bick

Nathalie Bick Photo: Henrik Schipper

Nathalie Bick

Doctoral researcher at the junior research group Stereotype Threat

Email: nathalie.bick

Universitätsstr. 27 – PRG / Building 5
Room A 127 (1st floor)
58097 Hagen

What is my role within CATALPA?

As a doctoral student in psychology focusing on a social psychology topic, I work in the Stereotype Threat junior research group on issues related to stereotypes about student groups as well as the consequences that can potentially arise from negative stereotypes about certain groups.


Working in the research focus area provides me with a broad-based network with a variety of experts who inspire networked thinking and new perspectives. This keeps innovation and discussion ever present, which challenges and drives my own work. In this research focus, I want to raise awareness of negatively stereotyped groups in the digital university and lay the foundation for improving the social and learning conditions of such groups.

    • Research associate in the junior research group "Stereotype Threat" of the research cluster CATALPA at the FernUniversität in Hagen since July 2021.
    • Master of Science in Psychology at the University of Cologne in May 2021.
    • Project management in an extracurricular and interdisciplinary project on the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for students and trainees at GIZ GmbH in Bonn in winter 2020/2021
    • Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Cologne in September 2017.
    • Stereotypes about student groups
    • Consequences of Stereotype Threat regarding performance-related and social aspects in the digital higher education context
    • Interventions to reduce stereotype threat in the digital university context
    • Junior group Stereotype Threat
    • "Do I belong?" - How Negative Stereotypes Affect the Social Relationships of Immigrant Youth in the School Context.
  • 2023


    • Froehlich, L., Bick, N., Nikitin, J., & Martiny, S. E. (2023). Social identity threat is related to ethnic minority adolescents’ social approach motivation towards classmates via reduced sense of belonging. Social Psychology of Education.

    Talks and Poster Presentations

    • Bick, N. (2023a). Social identity threat impairs social integration in higher distance education [Presentation]. 18th conference of the social psychology section (FGSP) of the german psychological society (DGP), Graz.
    • Bick, N. (2023b). Social identity threat predicts contact (intentions) in higher distance education [Presentation]. General meeting of the european associations of social psychology (EASP), Krakow.



    • Bick, N., Froehlich, L., Friehs, M., Kotzur, P. F., & Landmann, H. (2022). Social evaluation at a distance - facets of stereotype content about student groups in higher distance education. International Review of Social Psychology, 35(1), 1–14.
    • Dorrough, A. R., Bick, N., Bring, L., Brockers, C., Butz, C., & Schneider, I. K. (2022). Caring about (COVID-19 related) social issues signals trustworthiness: Direct and conceptual replication of zlatev (2019). Collabra: Psychology, 8(1).