Josef Ruppenhofer

Josef Ruppenhofer (Ph.D.) Foto: Hardy Welsch

Josef Ruppenhofer (Ph.D.)

Research assistant at the research professorship "Computational Linguistics" in the project DAKODA

Email: josef.ruppenhofer

Phone: +49 2331 987 - 1472

Universitätsstraße 27 – PRG / Building 5
Raum B116 / 1. OG
58097 Hagen

What is my role within CATALPA?

As a computational linguist in the project DAKODA, I work on the application of NLP and computational linguistic methods and tools to the study of language acquisition by L2 learners.


Within the DAKODA project at CATALPA, I can contribute to a diverse and interdisciplinary research group that combines applied interests in NLP/CL and language education with theoretically grounded linguistics.

    • NLP for educational applications
    • Corpus linguistics
    • Frame semantics, construction grammar
    • Sentiment analysis, offensive language
  • I am working in the project "DAKODA: Data Competencies in DaF/DaZ: Exploration of Language Technology Approaches for the Analysis of L2 Acquisition Levels in Learner Corpora"