Hints for Authors

The almanac will be published by VDI-Verlag in the series  Fortschritt-Berichte.The source format DIN A4 is reduced to the final format DIN A5 in black and white.

Please pay attention:
Labels and references MUST start with your initials, e.g. \label{smith:scheme}.The bibliography section MUST follow this form: \bibliographystyle{abbrv} \begin{thebibliography}{10} \bibitem{initials:abc} \end{thebibliography} BibTeX is not allowed.The caption is below in figure environments and above in table environments.The colour differences of graphics must also be recognisable in black and white printing.The slash (/) is preferred to express fractions in text formulae.The type-size in tables and pictures must amount to at least 3 mm because of the printed text's reduction to 70%.Your paper should be written in English. The number of pages is limited to 15.

Style Sheet
Please use the following  LaTeX template to write your paper.In exceptional cases a Word template can be  requested. In this case we convert the text to LaTeX.

Paper Submission
Print your paper in black and white with text's reduction to 70% and check the readability, especially the contrast of the graphics.Submit your source files together with any graphics in .eps and .pdf or .png format as a ZIP file by e-mail to  herwig.unger@gmail.com

Deadline for submission of the camera-ready paper:  End of November 2022