Univ.-Prof. (em.) Dr. rer. pol. Klaus Anderseck

Curriculum vitae (English Version)

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05. March 1938 Born at Waldenburg/Silesia (now Poland)
April 1953 to January 1957 Apprenticeship training in tool making in a foundry (Honsel-Werke AG Meschede)
15. October 1956 Certificate of Apprenticeship as “Skilled Engineering Worker”
October 1956 to January 1957 Employment as skilled engineering worker at the Honsel-Werke AG Meschede
February 1957 to December 1961 Employment in the labor planning department of the Honsel-Werke AG
Oktober 1959 to September 1962 Visiting the evening class at the Berufsaufbauschule Meschede (Institution of the German “Second Way of Education”)
14. September 1962 Certificate of Secondary Education (including the license for visiting a technical college)
January to October 1962 Employee of an ecclesiastical institution (Innere Mission) (Duties: Care for refugees of the German Democratic Republic)
1962 to 1965 Visiting the Westphalia College of Dortmund (Higher Institution of the Second Way of Education in Germany)
1. April 1965 Abitur (Certificate of the German University Entrance Qualification)
1965 to 1969 Academic studies in Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne
1. December 1969 University Diploma in Economics and Business Education
January 1970 to May 1973 Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Financial Economics at the University of Marburg
1. December 1972 Graduation (Doctor rerum politicarum)
June 1973 to September 1979 Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Empirical Educational Sciences at the University of Regensburg
Academic Teaching: Introduction into the methods of empirical social sciences
1975 to 1976 Member of the founding committee of the Fernuniversität Hagen
October 1976 to December 1979 University Professor for Economics Education at the University of Kassel
February 1979 to December 1979 Dean of the Faculty of Vocational Education, Polytechnic and Labor Sciences at the University of Kassel
19. December 1979 University Professor, holding the Chair of Economics Education at the FernUniversität in Hagen
1982 to 1989 Member of the county permission committee for political school books
December 1983 to April 1986 Dean of the Faculty of Economics
April 1986 to July 1988 Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics
May 1990 to March 1992 Deputy Rector of Financial Matters and Vice-Rector of the FernUniversität
May 1993 to June 2007 Member of the „Institut für wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Forschung und Weiterbildung (IWW)“,(Institution of further education at the FernUniversität in Hagen).
Chairman from 1995 to 2007.
October 1998 to March 2011 Prize winner in the „EXIST“ – competition of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Development of 3 programs for distance training in entrepreneurship science and entrepreneurship education
31. March 2003 Retirement (Emeritation)

For supplementary information about scientific engagements and teaching look at the German version of the curriculum vitae.

Private engagements:

  • Active and passive support of cultural affairs especially of classical music.
  • Member of the Lüdenscheider Kammerorchester (Viola) and of the philharmonic choir hagen (Basso).