Graphs, Algor​ithms and Machine Learning  

Organised by GI


For the first time, researchers from three different areas of science, namely graph theory, natural language processing and decentralised systems, decided to organise this workshop together. The beautiful, subtropical community of Cala Millor on Majorca island will give all participants an inspiring atmosphere for som egreat presentations and fruitful discussions on their recent work and future projects as well as some innovative ideas.

To achieve its objective, the  size of this new workshop is intentionally kept small.  Moreover, following a rule originally set by NATO for its scientific events, the conference will take place in "relative seclusion". Hosting all participants in the same hotel and including full board in the conference fee, finally makes things easy and fosters relaxed group interaction.As new ideas often sound whimsical in the first instance, and usually have the most unexpected origins, the conference organisers consider reviewing any oral or written contribution both illegal, as unconstitutional censorship, and inadequate for the progress of science, since mainstream thinking is perpetuated and novel ideas are often suppressed.

About 100 years ago the seminal papers of Einstein, Planck and many others, and still the one of Bednorz and Müller on high-temperature superconductivity in the 1980s were not reviewed, but their authors earned Nobel prizes. These authors did not publish contributions with which they feared to make fools out of themselves, thus exercising quality assurance very effectively. Following this approach, the organisers decided to renounce for reviewing in favour of obtaining highly novel and unconventional submissions. The bigger its deviation from the mainstream is, the more they will like a paper. Submissions are only subject to some copy editing for proper English and formatting for consistent book layout.