Studying at the FernUni - is it right for me?

Foto: Jakob Studnar

The studyNAVI International is aimed at prospective students who have acquired their university entrance qualification outside Germany. With the voluntary and free test, you can match your expectations with the requirements of a distance learning programme within 30 minutes. It contains important information ready to prepare you as an international student for studying at the FernUniversität. You can take the studyNAVI international anonymously and online in three different languages.

At a glance: studyNAVI...

  • voluntary, free of charge and anonymous.
  • ...can be done online, preferably on a desktop computer.
  • ...takes about 30 minutes.
  • ...provides a PDF with all results at the end - with many tips and links for further research.

Scientific background

studyNAVI is part of the FURIOSA research project and was initiated by the Prorectorate for Studies and Diversity. The departments of Educational Psychology (Prof. Dr. Kathrin Jonkmann) and Personality and Legal Psychology and Diagnostics (Prof. Dr. Andreas Mokros) provide scientific support for the project. Further support comes from the student advisory service and the Centre for Learning and Innovation (ZLI).

Contact for queries

E-Mail: furiosa

Project team FURIOSA: Development of an online self-assessment for prospective students