EDELNet+ PhD Training Programme in Contemporary Methods of Legal Research


The EDELNet+ PhD Training Programme in Methods and Skills of Legal Research invites students who have already started or are planning to start in the near future their PhD studies in Law or another discipline, like Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, with a focus on law to apply for participation in the 2022 edition of the interinstitutional online seminar on “Contemporary Methods of Legal Research”.

During the seminar students will work in cross-national groups of PhD students from seven European countries to get acquainted with the theory and practice of a series of methods of great relevance to legal research.

The seminar begins with a short theoretical input organized in online lectures, readings and exercises (duration of this phase approx. 1 month). After this, students will be assigned to a cross-European team of PhD students and will be requested to fulfil group tasks geared towards the practical application of the methods learned (duration of this phase approx. 1.5 month). Finally, regrouped in different teams participants will be asked to fulfil a final assignment (duration of this phase approx. 1 month) that will be evaluated by a team of more than 30 experienced lecturers and researchers from the partner universities. Both seminars guarantee feedback from and interaction with fellow PhD students and instructors throughout the programme.

Seminar contents
  1. Doctrinal methods of legal research
  2. Doctrinal methods vs. legal philosophical work
  3. Comparative legal research in private and public law
  4. Historical legal research
  5. Critical legal research
  6. Feminist approaches

Participation is free of charge.

Applications will be considered until 1 February 2022.

Please send your application to:

Dr. Juan J. Garcia Blesa

Senior Researcher and Programme Coordinator

University of Hagen, Faculty of Law

Universitätsstraße 21

58097 Hagen/Westfalen


Mr. Gleb Sakovski

Research Associate and Programme Assistant

University of Hagen, Faculty of Law

Universitätsstraße 21

58097 Hagen/Westfalen



For more information on the EDELNet+ Programme check our website at http://graduateschool.edelnet.eu