Einladung zum wissenschaftlichen Vortrag von Herrn Dr. Philipp Brauner (RWTH Aachen) am 27.05.2024 um 16:00 Uhr


Im Namen des Dekans lade ich Sie herzlich ein zu einem wissenschaftlichen Vortrag von Herrn Dr. Philipp Brauner von der RWTH Aachen zum Thema "A Human-Computer Interaction perspective on the versatility of serious games in different contexts" am

Montag, den 27. Mai 2024, um 16:00 Uhr

in den Raum F 0.09 im Erdgeschoss des Informatikzentrums ein.

Sie können gerne aber auch per Zoom teilnehmen. Die Zugangsdaten lauten:


Meeting-ID: 339 339 4488

Kenncode: 8Zeichen

Weitere Informationen zum Vortrag:

Serious games are analog or computer-mediated games designed for purposes other than pure entertainment, such as education, training, or behavior change. The talk will outline the versatility of serious games, taking games for exercising and health promotion in the demographic change and for teaching concepts of industrial management as an example. For both games I will outline the game’s objectives, the iterative and user-centered design process, as well as key findings from the evaluations and use studies of the two very different serious games.

The evaluation of the health promotion game in an ambient assisted living environment suggests a positive influence on the pain perception and well-being of the participants, especially for older participants. The industrial management game was appreciated as an addition to isolated lectures, as it facilitated experiencing the contents in a dynamic and holistic environment. Further, the game was found very suitable for conducting HCI experiments in complex environments.

Weitere Informationen zur Person:

Dr. Philipp Brauner is post-doctoral researcher at the Chair of Communication Science and the interfacultative Human-Computer Interaction Center at RWTH Aachen University. He holds a Dr. in Communication Science and a Diploma in Computer Science.



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