Mathematikberichte 1985

Seminarberichte Band 22

Feuilletages Co-Isotropes Principaux et Couple de Champs Self-Orthogonaux quasi Concourants sur une Variété Pseudo-Sasakienne

F. Amato

Connectivity Spaces and Component Categories

Reinhard Börger

The Geometry of Buekenhout Ovals. A Survey

Giorgio Faina

Topological Universes and Total Spectral Dualities for Differential Analysis

L. D. Nel

Algebra of Constructions I. The Word Problem for Partial Algebras

Adam Obtulowicz

Separation Properties in Algebraic Categories of Topological Spaces

Günther Richter

Motivations and Preparations to Develop a Cohomology Theory for Subalgebras and Submodules

Klaus Werner Wiegmann

Seminarberichte Band 23

Ein Problem von A. Wilansky

Wolfgang Beekmann, Shao-Chien Chang

What are Monad Actions?

Reinhard Börger

Multiorthogonality in Categories

Reinhard Börger

Inklusionssätze für FK-Räume

Johann Boos

A Category's Quotient Category of Isomorphism Types

Rudolf Fritsch

Homotopy over B and under A

K. A. Hardie, Klaus-Heiner Kamps

CR-Sottovarieta' di una varieta' Sasakiana avente un campo vettoriale F -ricorrente decomponibile

Dorotea Naitza

"On Free Topological Algebras

Hans-E. Porst
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