Mathematikberichte 1988

Seminarberichte Band 28

Factorizations and Initiality in Enriched Categories

Constantin Anghel

Generators, Totality and Density I

Reinhard Börger, Walter Tholen

Aspects géométriques du théorème classique de Hahn-Banach

Henri Mascart, Franco Rossati

Algebraic Operations on Spaces of Continuous Affine Functions

Zbigniew Semadeni

Seminarberichte Band 29

A Remark on Ultrapowers of Incidence Geometries

Giorgio Faina

2 T0 Spaces and Closure Operators

Eraldo Giuli, S. Salbany

Initial Morphisms in Universal Algebra Part I: Equations

Dieter Kutzner

The Macneille Completion of Certain Categories of T0-Spaces Coincides with the Bireflective Hull

Dieter Kutzner

Coproducts of Diametric Frames

A. Pultr

Eilenberg-Moore Algebras Revisited

Dieter Pumplün

"Les familles mesurables de paraboloides equilateraux de L'espace

Salvatore Vassallo

On the Range of _|_-Decomposable Measures

Aldo G. S. Ventre, Massimo Squillante, Mario Fedrizzi

Seminarberichte Band 30

Domains of Operatorvalued Matrices

Johann Boos, Toivo Leiger

FK-Spaces over Banach Space Containing the Null Sequences

Johann Boos, Toivo Leiger

Theorems of Mazur-Orlicz Type for FK-Spaces over an F-Spaces

Johann Boos, Toivo Leiger

Initial Morphisms in Universal Algebra Part II: Presentations

Dieter Kutzner

Positively Convex Spaces I

Andreas Wickenhäuser

Seminarberichte Band 31

Vieta's Relations and the Splitting Algebra of a Polynomial

Claude E. Auderset

Lifting Colimits of (Topological) Groupoids and (Topological) Categories

Philip R. Heath, Klaus Heiner Kamps

T0 - Separation

Mirek Hušek, Dieter Pumplün

Note on Bridging Theorems for Semisimplicial Sets

Klaus Heiner Kamps, Timothy Porter

A Characterization of the Stone-Cech Compactification

Günther Richter

Seminarberichte Band 32

Valuations on Composition Algebras

Holger P. Petersson

Congruence Relations on Totally Convex Spaces

Dieter Pumplün, Helmut Röhrl

La mesurabilité de la famille des droites incidentes sous un angle constant de l'espace Euclidien E3

Giulio Santoro

T0-Objects and Separated Objects in Topological Categories

Sybille Weck-Schwarz

Positively Convex Spaces II

Andreas Wickenhäuser

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