Mathematikberichte 1992

Seminarberichte Band 42

How to Make a Path Injective

Reinhard Börger

Two Algorithms for Computing the Symmetric Positive Definite Generalized Eigenvalue Problem and the Generalized Singular Values of Full Column Rank Matrices and their Perturbation Analysis

A. Deichmöller, Krešimir Veselic

Constructive Multivariate Approximation Via Sigmoidal Functions with Applications to Neutral Networks

Burkhard Lenze

Design and Realization of a Family of Optimal Windows

Burkhard Lenze

A Stability Test for Real Polynomials

Franz Locher

Axiomatizing Algebraically Behaved Categories of Hausdorff Spaces

Günther Richter

Convexity Theories III. Classification of Certain Real Convexity Theories

Helmut Röhrl

Maximal-Ideal Spaces Related to Alexandroff's Double

Zbigniew Semadeni

A Jacobi Eigenreduction Algorithm for Definite Matrix Pairs

Krešimir Veselic

On the Stability of Rotating Systems

Krešimir Veselic

Seminarberichte Band 43

A Geometric Theory of Henselian Local Rings

Reinhard Börger

Riemannian Manifold Structured by a Local Conformal Section

M. T. Calapso, R. Rosca

Classification with Set-Valued Decision Functions

Eugen Grycko

Secondary Composition Operations in Homotopy Pair Theory

Keith A. Hardie, Klaus Heiner Kamps

Topological Totally Convex Spaces I

Heinrich Kleisli, Hans-Peter Künzi

Local Behaviour of Neutral Network Operators" - Approximation and Interpolation -

Burkhard Lenze

On a Problem of Geometric Probability in the Euclidean Plane

Antonino Mannino

A Class of Bargaining Solutions with Generalization

Xiaofei Qu

A O-Tauberian Theorem for Order Summability

Karl-Eugen Spreng

On Convergence in Measure with Speed

Heino Türnpu

Contributions to Multivariate B-Splines

Hans-Jörg Wenz

Seminarberichte Band 44, Teil 1

Banach's Fixpoint Theorem as a Base for Data-Type Equations

J. Adámek, J. Reiterman

Cartesian Closed Extensions of the Category of Uniform Spaces

I. W. Alderton , Friedhelm Schwarz

Variants of Openness

Bernhard Banaschewski, A. Pultr

Cogenerators for Convex Spaces

Reinhard Börger, Ralf Kemper

Comparison of the Perfect Part of Regular Matrix Domains

Johann Boos, Toivo Leiger

Regular Closure Operators

G. Castellini, J. Koslowski, G. E. Strecker

Hitting Probabilities for Random Ellipses and Ellipsoids

Andrei Duma, Marius Stoka

On Cup-One and Toda Bracket

Keith A. Hardie, M. E. Mahowald

Essential Extensions of Hausdorff Spaces

Horst Herrlich

Attractive Holomorphic Limit Cycles

Harald Holmann

Reflection and its Generalizations from Subcategorial and Functorial Points of View

Mirek Hušek

Facets of Descent, I

George Janelidze, Walter Tholen

Jacobi Forms and Maaß Spaces for Orthogonal Groups

Aloys Krieg

Seminarberichte Band 44, Teil 2

On the Completeness of the Eigenvectors and Associated Vectors of Certain Rational and Meromorphic Operator Functions

Hansjörg Linden

Inclusion of Polynomial Zeros via the Principle of the Argument and Sturm Sequence Techniques

Franz Locher

If-Then-Else in Imperative Languages

John L. MacDonald, Art Stone

Interval-Valued Bayesian Estimators and Bandwidths Estimators for Credibility Premiums

Helmut Meister, Otto Moeschlin

On a Theorem of Burnside in Finite Group Representations

Kurt Meyberg

On Decomposing Systems of Polynomial Equations with Finitely Many Solutions

Hans Michael Möller

Left Linear Theories" - A Generalization of Module Theory -

Bodo Pareigis, Helmut Röhrl

On the Invariant Mod 2 of Exceptional Simple Jordan Algebras

Holger P. Petersson, Michel L. Racine

What is Concrete Equivalence?

Hans-E. Porst

The Role of Separation Axioms in Algebraic Representation of some Topological Facts

A. Pultr, A. Tozzi

Convexity Theories 0. Foundations

Helmut Röhrl

More on Directed Colimits of Models

Jiri Rosický

Algebras of the Hom Functor Monad

Sergio Salbany

Extensions of Banach Spaces of Riemann-Integrable Functions

Zbigniew Semadeni

Finite Catenary and the Method of Lagrange

Krešimir Veselic

Symmetries of Ordinary Differential Equations

Sebastian Walcher

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