Mathematikberichte 1994

Seminarberichte Band 48

The Self-Equivalence Groups in Certain Coherent Homotopy Categories

H. J. Baues, Keith A. Hardie, Klaus Heiner Kamps

There is No Cogenerator for Totally Convex Spaces

Reinhard Börger, Ralf Kemper

Epimorphisms of Discrete Totally Convex Spaces

Ralf Kemper

Epimorphisms of Separated Totally Convex Spaces

Ralf Kemper

Robust Estimators in Statistical Models with Filtration Shrinking Neighbourhoods

N. L. Lazrieva, T. A. Toronjadze

A Stability Test for Complex Polynomials

Franz Locher, Michael-Ralf Skrzipek

Banach Spaces and Superconvex Modules

Dieter Pumplün

Left K-Complete Quasi-Uniform Spaces

Salvador Romaguera

Polynomial Evaluation and Associated Polynomials

Michael-Ralf Skrzipek

Comparison of Some Definitions of Fourier Effectiveness

Karl-Eugen Spreng

Seminarberichte Band 49

Uniqueness of Positive Solution for a Nonlinear Boundary Value Problem

Domenico Delbosco

Zur Theorie der Keime holomorpher Funktionen

N. Langenberg

Dold Type Theorems in Cubical Homotopy Theory

Keith A. Hardie, Klaus Heiner Kamps, R. W. Kieboom

Reduced Models of Albert Algebras

Holger P. Petersson, Michel L. Racine

Analysis auf Singularitäten

K. Spallek

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