Mathematikberichte 1996

Seminarberichte Band 54

Ap-, Bp- and Ap-Spaces and Inclusion Theorems

Johann Boos, Toivo Leiger

IPM- and SM-Methods, Consistency

Johann Boos, Toivo Leiger, Karl Zeller

Problems of Buffon Type for Irregular Regions in the Euclidean Space E3

Elena Bosetto

Non-Existence of a Cogenerator for Ordered Vector Spaces

Reinhard Börger

Kinematic Description of Non Measurability

Paolo Dulio

The Theory of General Fuzzy Neighborhood Structures. Part II, Fuzzy Topogenous Orders

Werner Gähler, Fatma Bayoumi, Ali Kandil, Ali Nouh

p-Banach Spaces and p-Totally Convex Spaces III

Ralf Kemper

p-Banach Spaces and p-Totally Convex Spaces IV

Ralf Kemper

Sulla misurabilita'delle coppie di ipersfere ortogonali di En

G. Raguso, L. Rella

Seminarberichte Band 55

The Cayley-Dickson Doubling Process Revisited

Johannes Cleven

A Class of Integral Operators Preserving Functions with Bounded Rotation

Eugen Draghici

The Theory of General Fuzzy Neighborhood Structures. Part III, Fuzzy Uniform Structures

Werner Gähler, Fatma Bayoumi, Ali Kandil, Ali Nouh

Injective and Epi-Projektive Objects in Categories of Convex Spaces

Ralf Kemper

The Convex Hull of a Test Body in the Buffon-Laplace Type Problems

Maria Pettineo

Note on Sequentially Continuos Linear Functionals

D. Plachky

Composition Algebras over a Ring of Fractions

Susanne Pumplün

Composition Algebras over Rings of Genus Zero

Susanne Pumplün

More on Exponential Objects in Categories of Pretopological Spaces

Günther Richter

Simulation and Estimation for Gaussian Stochastic Processes

Frank Steinert

Seminarberichte Band 56

On the Univalence of a Certain Integral

Alexandru Aleman, Eugen Draghici

On Composition Triples and Jordan Algebras

Johannes Cleven

Geometrische Wahrscheinlichkeiten für einen konvexen Testkörper

Andrei Duma, Marius Stoka

Convexity Theories 0 Fin., Foundations

Heinrich Kleisli, Helmut Röhrl

Concerning Completeness of the Fine Quasi-Uniformity

M. J. Pérez-Peñalver, Salvador Romaguera

A Note on Measurable Subgroups of (IR, +)

D. Plachky

Composition Algebras over the Laurent Polynomials

Susanne Pumplün

Composition Algebras over k[t, \sqrt at^2 + b ]

Susanne Pumplün

Note on the Accuracy of Symmetric Eigenreduction Algorithms

Krešimir Veselic

Accurate Eigenreducing of a Definite Symmetric Matrix Pair

Krešimir Veselic

Seminarberichte Band 57

Algebraic Theories of Quasivarieties

Jirí Adámek, Hans-E. Porst

L'analyse du système "variables - unités d'observation" dans l'étude d'optimisation de projet pour une infrastructure de transport

Dario Lo Bosco, Filippo G. Praticò

Composition Triples Over Algebraic Curves of Genus Zero

Johannes Cleven

Cpk-Index and the Process Centering

Roberto Corradetti

Extended Fuzzy Topologies. Part I, On Fuzzy Stacks

Walter Gähler, A. S. Abd-Allah, A. Kandil

Bounds for the Eigenvalues of a Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problem Depending Rationally on the Eigenvalue Parameter

Hansjörg Linden, Stefan Patt

The Serre-Rost Invariant of Albert Algebras in Characteristic Three

Holger P. Petersson, Michel L. Racine

Generation of Weight Functions for Orthogonal Polynomials

Michael-Ralf Skrzipek

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