Mathematikberichte 1999

Seminarberichte Band 66

Hypermodules and Non-Archimedian Banach Spaces,

Ralf Kemper

Algebraic Convexity - A Bed Time Story,

H. Röhrl

A Non-Jordan-Measurable Regularity Open Subset of the Unit Interval,

R. Börger

A homotopy 2-groupoid from a fibration,

K.H. Kamps, T. Porter

Geometrische Wahrscheinlichkeiten und Projektionsfunktionen,

B. Felten

La mesurabilité de la famille des systèmes formés par un point et par trois planes de l´espace affine A_3,

G. Santoro

Testing the Poisson optimal Time of open Passage at a Bottleneck controlled by Traffic Lights,

O. Moeschlin, C. Poppinga

On the Multivariate Modulus of Continuity and a Theorem of Lupas and Müller,

P. Kubach

A note on completeness of the complexity space,A

S. Romaguerra, M. Schellekens

On the Mean Convergence of order P,

G. Caristi

Ein Reduktionssatz für meromorphe relative Inverse linearer Operatorfunktionen,

A. Hoefer

Infinite Sums and a Riesz Type Decomposition,

C. Pumplün

A Decomposition Theoretical Characterization of Sufficiency and Completeness,

D. Plachky

Note on Invariant and Almost Invariant Measurable Sets,

D. Plachky

The Chemical Potential of Hard Disks within a Virtual Experiment,

E. Grycko

Seminarberichte Band 67

The Classification of Two-dimensional Nonassociative Algebras,

H.-P. Petersson

The Geographic Information Systems as a Tool for Planning the Interventions on the Route Networks,

F. Corriere

Control Charts with Pre-Limits and Run Rules for the Estimate of Cp Capability Index,

R. Corradetti, E. D. Isaia

Locally Optimal Estimation of Functions of the Sample Size in Bernoulli Experiments,

D. Plachky

UMVU Estimation of the Parameters of Power Series Distributions,

D. Plachky

Conservation of Optimality in the Theory of Unbiased Estimators,

D. Plachky

Monadic Convergence Structures,

W. Gähler

General Topology - The Monadic, Case, Examples, Applications

W. Gähler

Totally and Absolutely Convex Lattices

S. Nörtemann

Passive Control of Linear Systems,

K. Veselic, K. Brabender, K. Delinic

Seminarberichte Band 68, Teil 1

anläßlich des 60. Geburtstages von Herrn Prof. Dr. H. Petersson

Outer Inheritance in Jordan Systems

José A. Anquela, Theresa Cortés

Computation of Radicals of Binomial Ideals

Eberhard Becker, Michael Niermann

When Can Points in Convex Sets be Separated by Affine Maps?

Reinhard Börger

Manifolds of Tripotents in JB*-Triples

Cho-Hu Chu, José M. Isidro

Geometrische Wahrscheinlichkeiten für konvexe Rotationskörper im euklidischen Raum E3 (II)

Andrei Duma, Marius Stoka

Compatible Subtriples of Jordan*-Triples

C. Martin Edwards, Daniel Lörch, Gottfried T. Rüttimann

A Note on Triality and Symmetric Compositions

Alberto Elduque

A New Approach to the Representation of the Lorentz Group on the Spinors

Yaakov Friedmann

On the Zelmanovian Classification of Prime JB*-Triples

A. Moreno Galindo, A. Rodríguez-Palacios

Seminarberichte Band 68, Teil 2

anläßlich des 60. Geburtstages von Herrn Prof. Dr. H. Petersson

On the Number of Vertices of an Arrangement of 12 Lines

Pier Mario Gandini, Andreana Zucco

Toeplitz C*-Algebras on Domains of Invertibility

U. Hagenbach, Harald Upmeier

An Alternative Identity of Degree 5

Irvin R. Hentzel, Erwin Kleinfeld

On the Vector-Fields Formula for Lie Algebra of Homogeneous Space

Isaiah Kantor

On Grassmannians Associated with JB*-Triples

Wilhelm Kaup

Koecher-Maaß Series for Jacobi Forms

Aloys Krieg

All the Moments and Inverse Moments of the Wishart Distribution

Gérard Letac, Hélène Massam

Stückweise glatte Mengen und der Satz von Stokes: Zur Didaktik der Analysisvorlesung im 3. Semester

Ottmar Loos

On Speciality of Bernstein Jordan Algebras

M. Concepción López-Díaz, Ivan P. Shestakov, Sergei R. Sverchkov:

Seminarberichte Band 68, Teil 3

anläßlich des 60. Geburtstages von Herrn Prof. Dr. H. Petersson

Nachrichten von Büchern und Menschen: Chingtze C. Tsen

Falko Lorenz

Involutions on Rectangular Jordan Pairs

Kevin McCrimmon

On a Formula of Frobenius

Kurt Meyberg

On the Tensor Product of Two Composition Algebras

Patrick J. Morandi, Susanne Pumplün

Cogenerators and Injective Objects in Categories of Partially Ordered Convex Modules

Stefan Nörtemann

The Universal Compactification of Topological Convex Sets and Modules

Dieter Pumplün

Simple Jordan Superalgebras with Semisimple Even Part

Michel L. Racine, E. I. Zelmanov


Frank Rosemeier

A Catrgorical Guide to Separation, Compactness and Perfectness

Walter Tholen

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