Mathematikberichte 2001

Band 70

  • A Constructive Approach to Conway's Theory of Games
    F. Rosemeier
  • Octonion Algebras Obtained from Associative Algebras with Involution
    H. P. Petersson, M. L. Racine
  • A Stochastic Method for Shape Property Analysis of Mineral Aggregates Used in Road Constructions: the Proposal for a Model and the Study of Hard Grains
    D. Lo Bosco, F. G. Praticò
  • A 2-Groupoid Enrichment of Chain Complexes
    K.H. Kamps, T. Porter
  • Trace Formulas in Vector Product Algebras
    K. Meyberg
  • Extension Structures and Completions in Topology and Algebra
    W. Gähler
  • The Metric Completion of Convex Sets and Modules
    D. Pumplün
  • Wielandt and Ky-Fan Theorem for Matrix Pairs
    I. Nakic, K. Veselic
  • Bounds for Exponentially Stable Semigroups
    K. Veselic
  • Numerix: Java Based Interactive and Experimental Numerical Analysis
    F. Locher

Band 71

  • Invexity in Optimization Theory: New Global Minima Properties
    G. Caristi, M. Ferrara
  • A Model for the Screening of Alternative Public Investments
    G. Caristi, M. Ferrara
  • The Sequential Cellular Machining Model of the Continuous Objects with Distributing Parameters
    A. T. Nagiyev, F. G. Feyziyev
  • The Stabilization of Equilibrium State of Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems
    S. P. Bezglasnyi
  • The Extended Structure Group of an Alternative Algebra
    H.P. Petersson
  • B-Spline-basierte numerische Integration
    D. Libuschewski, F. Locher
  • Inversion of Vandermonde-Like Matrices
    M.-R. Skrzipek
  • Positively Convex Modules and Ordered Normed Linear Spaces
    D. Pumplün
  • Global Comfort and Operational Security in Linear Transportation Infrastructures: A Mathematical Model for Interdependency's Analysis of "Man-Vehicle-Infrastructure-Environment" Quadrinomial
    F. Corriere, D. Lo Bosco
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