Mathematikberichte 2001

Seminarberichte Band 70

A Constructive Approach to Conway's Theory of Games

F. Rosemeier

Octonion Algebras Obtained from Associative Algebras with Involution

H. P. Petersson, M. L. Racine

A Stochastic Method for Shape Property Analysis of Mineral Aggregates Used in Road Constructions: the Proposal for a Model and the Study of Hard Grains

D. Lo Bosco, F. G. Praticò

A 2-Groupoid Enrichment of Chain Complexes

K.H. Kamps, T. Porter

Trace Formulas in Vector Product Algebras

K. Meyberg

Extension Structures and Completions in Topology and Algebra

W. Gähler

The Metric Completion of Convex Sets and Modules

D. Pumplün

Wielandt and Ky-Fan Theorem for Matrix Pairs

I. Nakic, K. Veselic

Bounds for Exponentially Stable Semigroups

K. Veselic

Numerix: Java Based Interactive and Experimental Numerical Analysis

F. Locher

Seminarberichte Band 71

Invexity in Optimization Theory: New Global Minima Properties

G. Caristi, M. Ferrara

A Model for the Screening of Alternative Public Investments

G. Caristi, M. Ferrara

The Sequential Cellular Machining Model of the Continuous Objects with Distributing Parameters

A. T. Nagiyev, F. G. Feyziyev

The Stabilization of Equilibrium State of Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems

S. P. Bezglasnyi

The Extended Structure Group of an Alternative Algebra

H.P. Petersson

B-Spline-basierte numerische Integration

D. Libuschewski, F. Locher

Inversion of Vandermonde-Like Matrices

M.-R. Skrzipek

Positively Convex Modules and Ordered Normed Linear Spaces

D. Pumplün

Global Comfort and Operational Security in Linear Transportation Infrastructures: A Mathematical Model for Interdependency's Analysis of "Man-Vehicle-Infrastructure-Environment" Quadrinomial

F. Corriere, D. Lo Bosco
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