Mathematikberichte 2003

Seminarberichte Band 74

Alternierende Graphenkonstruktionen

M. Conrad, A. Duma

Two-Dimensional Real Division Algebras Revisited

M. Hübner, H.P. Petersson

On Ritz Approximations for Positive Definite Operators I (Theory)

L. Grubisic, K. Veselic

On a Construction of Bipartite Euler Graphs

M. Conrad

Residually Small Varieties Without Rank

Hans-E. Porst

Drei Beweise für den Brouwerschen Fixpunktsatz

F. Locher, M.-R. Skrzipek, K. Zeller

Continuous DCPOs as Complete Information Systems

A. Pultr, A. Tozzi

A Neutral Algorithm for the Reconstruction of Space-Time Correlated Series

S. Puca, B. Tirozzi

Lyapunov Optimization of a Damped System

S.J. Cox, I. Nakic, A. Rittmann, K. Veselic

Mathematical Models of Shuttle Systems

A. Hajiyev

Convex Effect Algebras and Partially Ordered Positively Convex Modules

D. Pumplün, H. Röhrl

Indecomposable Forms of Higher Degree

S. Pumplün

The Number of Nonisomorphic Two-Dimensional Algebras over a Finite Field

H.P. Petersson, M. Scherer

The Tensor Product of Orthomodular Posets

R. Börger
Gabriele Becker | 20.09.2018