Mathematikberichte 2006

Seminarberichte Band 77

Geometric Probabilities for an Arbitrary Convex Body of Revolution in E_3 and a Certain Lattice

G. Caristi, G.M. Bisci

Cyclic Compositions and Trisotopies

H.P. Petersson

Groups of Outer Type E_6 with Trivial Tits Algebras

S. Garibaldi, H.P. Petersson

Predicting Debye Temperature from the Boiling Point and the Crystallographic Lattice Constant

E. Grycko

Stochastic Geometry for a Set of Convex Bodies in the Euclidean Plane

G. M. Bisci

Entropy Principle and Momentum Exchange on a Discrete Momentum Space

E. Grycko, O. Moeschlin

Integral Geometry for Random Convex Bodies in E_n

D. Barilla, G. Caristi, A. Puglisi

A Methodological Approach to Optimize the Practice Capacity of the Railway Junctions

F. Corriere

On the Self-Diffusion Coefficient for Hard Spheres

E. Grycko
Gabriele Becker | 20.09.2018