Mathematikberichte 2008

Band 80

  • Self-Diffusion as an Indicator of the solid-fluid Phase Transition
    E. Grycko S. 1
  • Strongly nonatomic Densities defined by certain Matrices
    J. Boos, T. Leiger S. 9
  • Mixed Matching Markets
    W. Hochstättler, R. Nickel, D. Schiess S. 21
  • Evaluation of High Degree Polynomials
    M.R. Skrzipek S. 33
  • Game-perfect Digraphs - Paths and Cycles
    S.D. Andres S. 41
  • Geometrical Probabilities of Buffon Type in Bounded Lattices
    R. Böttcher S. 55
  • Polar Decompositions of Quaternion Algebras over arbitrary Rings
    H.P. Petersson S. 83
  • Die Sehnenlängenverteilung in einem beliebigen Dreieck
    A. Duma, S. Rizzo S. 103
  • Schnittwahrscheinlichkeiten für eine gleichschenklige Gelenknadel und ein reguläres Dreiecksgitter
    U. Bäsel, A. Duma S. 121
  • Drei Wege zu B-Splines
    J. Horst, F. Locher, M.R. Skrzipek S. 139

Band 81

  • Buffon’s Problem with a cluster of needles an a lattice of rectangles
    U. Bäsel, A. Duma:
  • Frames, G-Algebras and measurable spaces
    H. Röhrl
  • On a statistical interrelation between boiling point and Debye temperature
    E. Grycko
  • A computer experimental justification of Gibbs correction factor .
    E. Grycko
  • A universal compactification of topological positively convex sets
    D. Pumplün
  • Buffons’s Problem with a star of needles and a lattice of rectangles III
    U. Bäsel
  • Inner derivations of alternative algebras over commutative rings
    O. Loos, H.P. Petersson, M.L. Racine
  • GeometrischeWahrscheinlichkeiten nach dem Prinzip der Inklusion-Exklusion I
    R. Böttcher:
  • A mathematical conjecture motivated by Newton’s Actio=Reactio principle
    E. Grycko, W. Kirsch:
  • On families of connected graphs for Segre products of Veronese varieties
    G. Failla
  • Witt groups of hermitian forms over a Brauer Severi variety
    S. Pumplün
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