Mathematikberichte 2008

Seminarberichte Band 80

Self-Diffusion as an Indicator of the solid-fluid Phase Transition

E. Grycko S. 1

Strongly nonatomic Densities defined by certain Matrices

J. Boos, T. Leiger S. 9

Mixed Matching Markets

W. Hochstättler, R. Nickel, D. Schiess S. 21

Evaluation of High Degree Polynomials

M.R. Skrzipek S. 33

Game-perfect Digraphs - Paths and Cycles

S.D. Andres S. 41

Geometrical Probabilities of Buffon Type in Bounded Lattices

R. Böttcher S. 55

Polar Decompositions of Quaternion Algebras over arbitrary Rings

H.P. Petersson S. 83

Die Sehnenlängenverteilung in einem beliebigen Dreieck

A. Duma, S. Rizzo S. 103

Schnittwahrscheinlichkeiten für eine gleichschenklige Gelenknadel und ein reguläres Dreiecksgitter

U. Bäsel, A. Duma S. 121

Drei Wege zu B-Splines

J. Horst, F. Locher, M.R. Skrzipek S. 139

Seminarberichte Band 81

Buffon’s Problem with a cluster of needles an a lattice of rectangles

U. Bäsel, A. Duma:

Frames, G-Algebras and measurable spaces

H. Röhrl

On a statistical interrelation between boiling point and Debye temperature

E. Grycko

A computer experimental justification of Gibbs correction factor .

E. Grycko

A universal compactification of topological positively convex sets

D. Pumplün

Buffons’s Problem with a star of needles and a lattice of rectangles III

U. Bäsel

Inner derivations of alternative algebras over commutative rings

O. Loos, H.P. Petersson, M.L. Racine

GeometrischeWahrscheinlichkeiten nach dem Prinzip der Inklusion-Exklusion I

R. Böttcher:

A mathematical conjecture motivated by Newton’s Actio=Reactio principle

E. Grycko, W. Kirsch:

On families of connected graphs for Segre products of Veronese varieties

G. Failla

Witt groups of hermitian forms over a Brauer Severi variety

S. Pumplün

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